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• Understand and apply the underlying principles of Market Risk
• Gain an understanding of Market Risk Measurement and Management
• Gain an understanding of Market Risk in the Trading Book with a focus on the Business-Specific Context
• Describe the elements of Commodities Market Risk Management approaches
• Gain an understanding of Market Risk StressTesting and its renewed importance after the recent crisis

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• Financial team
• Market risk team
• Basel team
• Internal auditors

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ARFQuant (Actuarial science - Risk management - Finance - Quantitative) is a consulting firm founded by the collaboration of experts from Europe and Vietnam in the fields of Actuary, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. Our experts have practicing and consulting experience for over 20 years in various markets such as France, Belgium, UK, USA, Spain, and Vietnam. We are proud of providing advisory services and technical training in areas such as financial, econometric, and statistical modeling for insurance companies, banks, fund management companies which help their management to make decisions based on quantitative and scientific information.


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